Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today will be a day of excitment, I have to move my room to the next room, MAYBE JUST MAYBE I'LL FIND MY KEY! if not I hope I can sell my ipod by tomorrow so I can get the key monday @_@ One of my friends likes me, but I don't like her in that way and I love her as a friend :/

For some reason I'm still crushing super hard on work girl, well 3 of them, but one mainly and I still don't know why.

Valentines day is going to be terrible, but I'm sure something awesome will happen this week.

And check for the Winner Blast single soon!


  1. that sucks. hope you find it soon. take a chance!

  2. good luck with all that! following.

  3. @Thug, it's really hard, because I don't even know why I like

  4. in sort of the same situation myself.