Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mencia hate

Alright, so here I am enjoying some good old Mind of Menica, and I go on Youtube to look for a clip to post on a friends wall on Facebook, and I see all this hatred toward him "Oh, he doesn't use his real name. He's not really Mexican so he's racist. Oh, he steals jokes."  This is all retarded.

He's half Honduran and half Mexican with German descent in his blood. He's fully capable to make fun of his own race, and others. I do it. We all think it, but only a few of us have the courage to say it.

Next we go to his name. His real name is Ned Mencia as he goes my he mothers last name, his fathers last name is Holness, and Carlos is just his stage name. Tons of celebrity's go by stage names.

Stealing jokes? That's how they get spread around. Stop being bitchy and just laugh.


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  1. I'm in between on Mencia, but you do make some valid points. Another great read!